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M.Sc. Sustainable Materials - Crystalline Materials

Informations for students 

Module guide book & course catalogue

The Module Guide Book M.Sc. Sustainable Materials – Crystalline Materials contains all relevant information about Freiburg´s core areas of expertise in research and education, the actual curriculum, and detailed description of all lectures. The current module guide book is listed here.

 Information about the lecture dates will be also find in the online course catalogue HISinONE.


The official program regulations will be find here (in German language): Examination Regulations (§ Satzungen)  

Please note: Only the German version of this translation has legal effect.

Unofficial Translation: Excerpt from the Examination Regulations 2017 for the Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Degree Program

Unofficial Translation: Excerpt from the Admissions Regulations of the University of Freiburg for the Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Degree Program

Semester schedule

Study plan for summer semester 2020


Registration for examinations

Please register online for your examinations via HISinONE.

Registration period in the winter term: October 1st – February 1st
Registration period in the summer term: April 1st – July 1st

Please note: There may be exceptions to the regular registration period in other faculties! If you want to take modules from other faculties in the "Methods and Concepts" or "Sustainability" area, please clarify AT THE BEGINNING of the course how you can register. Please use the linked form "Methods and Concepts" for registration and accreditation. There may be further exceptions from the regular registration period within the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. Please see "Examination Dates" below.

All PL-examinations (Prüfungsleistungen) have to be registered within the registration period. You are not allowed to attend any PL-examination without registration! SL-examinations (Studienleistungen) usually have not to be registered (there may be exceptions in other faculties in the "Methods and Concepts" or "Sustainabiltiy" area).

For details about the PL- and SL-Modules please see the program regulations: examination regulations  (§ Satzungen) 

For the application and accreditation of a course in the modules „Methods and Concepts“ or "Sustainability" please use the linked form


Application for Master thesis

Please use the linked form to register for your Master Thesis


Examination dates

Examination dates for winter semester 2019

Examination dates for summer semester 2020 



If you are ill

If you are enrolled for an PL-examination and can not attend it because of illness, you need to hand in a medical certificate at the examination office. Otherwise the exam will be considered as an unexcused no-show and you will get a fail (grade of 5,0) for it. 

Examination office

Questions about the registration for examinations and the Transcripts of Records should be addressed to the Examination Office: 


Phone: +49-761 203 6461

Web: Examination office


Postal address:

Prüfungsamt Chemie und Pharmazie
Frau Erika Dunai-Kovacs
Hebelstr. 27

79085 Freiburg im Breisgau