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Study Program - Master of Science Sustainable Materials - Crystalline Materials


The Master of Science Sustainable Materials at the University of Freiburg is a consecutive and research-oriented master program that can be completed in four semesters. Crystalline Materials are the fundamental building blocks of modern materials science and technology. The solid state of a large variety of materials is a crystalline state. The topics of this course are the understanding of the structure and the formation of the crystalline state, as well as the related technology. The study of crystalline materials is covered by many disciplines and the occupational area is broad. Chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering science are part of this master course. The student will learn the basics of crystal growth, material characterization, crystallography, and semiconductor technology. Events on sustainability of materials and processing complete the degree program.


The teaching and training of these skills will provide an excellent position for the job market in the future. The list of possible applications is large. Here is just a selection of careers of recent alumni:

  • Semiconductor industry for electronic and photonic devices
  • Photovoltaic industry,
  • Protein analysis in Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Sensor and detector development for Medical and Industrial applications. 


For further information about the Crystalline Materials profile please see the current Module guide book as well as the program regulations.




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